Friday, November 6, 2015

A Short Time in Mexico, 2015

A lovely trip to Mexico with, and thanks to, our buddies Caroline & Jake.  Starting out in Mexico City, then heading for San Miguel de Allende.

The pics and short blabs are at the page on this blog at:

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Adding some images from a trip to Pacific Rim National Park on the west coast of Vancouver Island

I have added a new page of our short vacation over to Pacific Rim National Park, to contain some pictures of the trip.  Just go to the link in the upper right of this blog or just click on
I've also added a couple of shoreline panoramas at, and I will add some more over the next few days.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Some changes to postings from the Bali trip....

Welllll... back from Bali, but I'm going to add more pics to the different blogs we already have up.  I will list the new pics I put up & when in the area below:

Remember to click on a pic to go to the Google slide show.

Note that each line below is a redirect link to the added pics blogs:
25 December (Singapore) (2 Jan) (21 Jan)
10 December (Padang Bai) (11 Jan) (19 Jan)  
11 December (Sanur) (9 Jan) (14 Jan)
8 December (East) (11 Jan)
2 December (Singapore) (3 Jan)(4 Jan)
24 December (Ubud) (2 Jan)
Bali 2011 - Singapore, 25 December

Ended up back in Singapore for the last couple of days of the trip.  We enjoy Singapore, but it is a bit expensive relative to Indonesia.  We stayed in the same hotel we stayed in at the beginning - Fragrance Hotel - Saphire, #3 Lorlong 10, Geylong.  Had a much better room before - you want to be on the second floor for the larger rooms, otherwise the rooms are tiny.  Singapore was definitely in a holiday mode - from Christmas through New Years through Chinese New, party, party, buy, buy, buy (how else to support the enormous number of malls and restaurants.

In the street in the Geylong district.

Larger road-side restaurant.

One Meat, Two Meat....
Would Kermit have any comments?

...why do animals about to be eaten always look so happy? Is it because they've been knocking back the Tiger beers?  Mmmmm....frog porridge - breakfast of champions.
Everywhere in the world....

A bit of local mall glam.

Older buildings near 10 Lorlong Geylong.

The following is a bunch of HDR images from around the Geylong and downtown districts.  I may add more....


Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bali 2011 - Ubud, 24 December

A bit of the weather while we were in Ubud - at the front of the Water Palace, view from our room.

The same temple next door, at night.   The first stars we've seen for a while (rainy season here).
Woman working in Ubud market

Not so talkative heads

Just hanging out.

Bali 2011- Ubud, 21 December
Part of the walk to our guest house.  Under reconstruction to handle the heavy rains.

Hanging out in the bush.

Pics from our balcony...some HDR processing...

Storm coming.

Some pics from nearby rice fields.


Of course, what's a reasonable blog without ....... a group of friends.


Duck herder....quite a profession.
 A series of pics from a walk near Ubud one day, just in the order that they were shot.  Ubud itself is ....wildly developed (especially compared with 1979!)...but with all the shops and the traffic it still doesn't have the agressiveness and sour odours of some other un-named places in this general part of the world.



I love the offerings in the streets in front of buildings and temples you walk by.

You should, of course, try to guarantee that your gas works.